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Trivia for All

Tuni For Teams

Create a fun experience for you and your colleagues at work. Break the Ice!

Tuni For Fun

Play a few games in the middle of the trivia. Makes good for the competition.

Tuni For School

You need not to make everything feel like a 'lecture'. How about making things more interesting for your students?

Tuni with Friends

What are friends without a little bit of banter? Well, this can be it for you and the friends.

Tuni For Business

Marketing re-imagined is what Tuni holds in store for you and your potential customers.

Tuni Drives Engagement

Make things more interesting for your events. Use trivia for conversations starters and spice up your attendees experience
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For Individuals

This your beginner package. Best for trying out with limited features. Create some fun for both you and your friends.
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Creator Plus
This is the best package for doing something extra to boost your communications with your audience. Ideal for anyone looking to have more fun teaching and learning.
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Creator Premium
Go Premium and benefit from all the packs that come with being a Premium Creator! Take your Trivia to the next Level
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For Businesses

Are you a teacher looking to deliver your content differently? Or a small business looking to boost your marketing efforts?
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Begin engaging your students and audience in an entirely different way and promise yourself better relationships with your players and an easier road to conversion.
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This is the best package for schools and corporate. We are able to provide full support and customizations that allow the platform truly align with your overall goals.
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