The Lite Package is a beginner package that will allow you to have a bit of fun. It is limited in features and hence suitable for small activities with friends and family.
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  • Unlimited Trivia Quantity
  • Bulk Communication
  • 300 players per trivia
  • 1 Week Duration

Kes 500

The Creator Plus Package is ideal for improving you game play. You can access all the necessary features to ensure your trivia get enough engagement as well as shares.
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  • Improved Gameplay/Modes
  • Basic Reporting
  • 800 players per trivia
  • 2 Week Duration

Kes 1000

The Creator Premium Package is the best package you begin with if you want to use the platform towards achieving some serious objectives in your industry of operations.
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  • Form Customisations
  • Advanced Data Collection
  • 1500 players
  • 4 Week Duration

Kes 1,500

An innovative teacher looking to deliver your content differently? As small business looking to boost your marketing efforts? Start here!
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  • Saved Templates
  • The Question Bank
  • 1500 players per trivia
  • 4 Week Duration

Kes 5,000

Begin engaging your students and audience in an entirely different way and promise yourself better relationships with your players and an easier road to conversion.
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  • Premium Resources Upload
  • Basic Customization
  • 2000 players per trivia
  • 12 Week Duration


This is the best package for schools and corporate. We are able to provide full support and customizations that allow the platform truly align with your overall goals.
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  • Branded Gameplay
  • Advanced Reporting
  • 2500 players Per Trivia
  • 12 Week Duration